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            Announcing the 2019 Winnipeg Arts Council Award Nominees

            Join us on a Public Art Tour!

            Read the Winnipeg Arts Council's 2018 Annual Report here!

            WHERE TO GROW
            FROM HERE

            Join us June 19 for 
            a WITH ART concert

            Poet Laureate Di Brandt at Winnipeg City Council

            World Poetry Day: Poetry in Many Languages

            PHARE OUEST (FAR WEST) by Marcel Gosselin is Winnipeg's newest Public Artwork

            Have you ever wondered where the arts occur in Winnipeg?

            Introducing the Indigenous Arts Leadership Fellows

            Indigenous Artists & the Winnipeg Arts Council

            Access to WAC Office

            New Public Art
            is always in the Works!

            Watch the latest videos in our Art Matters video series!

            Visit the
            Public Art Gallery

            WAC Arts Billboard
            Your weekly listing of events, lls and culture

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